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Patience always asked me, what are the best foods for back pain? I’m gonna give you three key pointers.

Number one, green leafy dark green vegetables like spinach, kale, and bok choy. Those are amazing foods for reducing inflammation. The nutrients help your body stimulate healing.

Number Two, if you’re lazy and you don’t want to cut up the kale and the bok choy and the spinach then you can do the cheater man’s way with Wuji Chlorella. It’s a whole food ,it’s green algae, it’s packed full of vitamins, it’s packed full of minerals, it’s got anti-inflammatory, and it’s also got the chlorella growth factor which helps cells and the RNA and the DNA repair faster. So chlorella a is a great way. They are are little teeny tablets, they’re smaller than a sunflower seed and this is a great way if you’re lazy and don’t want to go to the store and get the green leafy vegetables.

Number three, there is another easy trick this is called Earth Greens. There’s over 20 different green leafy vegetables in this product one scoop of this green powder is five and a half pounds of green leafy vegetables. So you mix it in water, 32 ounces, I like to put the 32 ounces with ice and little stevia. You can put some lemon in there if you’d like it’s very refreshing, it’s very alkalizing and it’s very anti-inflammatory.

So, number one green leafy vegetables, if you’re too lazy to do that then you can cheat and use these amazing products that we have available in our office. I hope those three tips help. This is Dr. Troy the Vancouver chiropractor.

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