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BSE: 3rd Most Most Powerful Food on Earth
– Iodine – Boosts Metabolism – Nourishment and protection for the Thyroid.
– Polysaccharides – Detox – Alginates remove Free Radicals, Heavy Metals & Radiation.
– Fucoidan – Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Cancer.
– Fucoxanthin – Antioxidant – Organic marine carotenoid with antioxidant properties.
– Mineral Dense – 72 Bio-available minerals
– High inVitamin B complex.

Chlorella Contains:
– Protein (60%)
– Chlorophyll – Highest of any food
– Essential Fatty Acids
– Dietary Fiber – Digestion and Detoxification
– Nucleic Acids (RNA/DNA)

Chlorella is a green algae and the Most Powerful Wholefood known. It contains the highest amount of Protein, Chlorophyll and Nucleic Acids of any food. It is also a food that anyone can safely consume.

BROWN SEAWEED EXTRACT is an immune builder and is known to assist with Weight Loss due to the high amount of iodine it contains, which helps regulate the thyroid gland. It has the ability to help remove heavy metals from the body. Focoxanthin, found in BROWN SEAWEED EXTRACT, is a powerful antioxidant. Chlorella helps the body to absorb and utilize BROWN SEAWEED EXTRACT more effectively due to the high amount of protein found in it.

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