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Dietary Chlorella Supplementdietary Supplement(chlorella with vulgaris extract Cve) In 1964, industry Co., Ltd.
(cic) successfully pioneered the world’s first mass production in Japan.
Chlorenergy shows its protein digestibility rate of 82% without going through pulverization process.
This has been confirmed by both the National Institute of Health and Nutrition and Yamagata University.
is the foremost with naturally-occurred which is called extract) derived from Ck-5 strain.
Since Cic’s technology is highly advanced requiring any process, can keep chlorella-specific nutrients intact.
chooses with the thinnest (1/10 the thickness compared with other species).
Thanks to the unique added to this careful selection, offers you the cell wall.
Instead, with the the with to the highest possible with the super quality.
walls go the state-of-the-art spray-drying get softer and look melted while maintaining the original shape.
Cells blurred due to the powerful polysaccharide residue.
The surface of the becomes porous technique and looks like The achieves the optimum (breaking up walls), so as not to sacrifice the cornucopia of the important within the walls.
Starting 1965 2007, more 500 respected scientific research and studies have presented at Japanese medical, pharmaceutical and nutritional meetings, and some of them have published in international periodicals s

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