How I make Sprite out of GRAPES + Chlorella sitemap Blogspot


an accidental grape smoothie that tastes like SPRITE, the fizzy drink, but no sugar, no nasty additives, preservatives, no artificial flavourings, just fruit, smoothie, into grapes, frozen, lemon, chlorella, seaweed. post-workout recovery drink when yo bod needs da sugaz for max recovery, and chlorella so it makes you look like Pop-eye drinking yo greens yeah, big up Hydration to the nation, oxygenation of the cells, the lymph and the node, I present to you my ode. hydration. annexation, mama mia, Voldemort. here we go e go go got. raw till 4, carb galore, heear me roe oer or. let’s get fit, let’s get healthy. mama mia u so sxc. party time. grapes and lime. that’s the smoothie. la di da. ha ha ha. lemon actually. and agua. mineraley. always agua. don’t forget your agua.

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