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Get any food in your stomach within a few hours of lead exposure and you can suppress the absorption by 90% or more, but which foods are particularly protective?

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Would any kind of food cut down on absorption—even doughnuts? Got to see it to believe it: How to Lower Lead Levels with Diet: Thiamine, Fiber, Iron, Fat, Fasting? ( Next we look into foods that don’t just block absorption but may actively pull lead from our bodies. Stay tuned for:
• Best Foods for Lead Poisoning: Chlorella, Cilantro, Tomatoes, Moringa? (
• Best Food for Lead Poisoning – Garlic
• Can Vitamin C Help with Lead Poisoning? (
• Yellow Bell Peppers for Male Infertility and Lead Poisoning? (

What exactly are phytates again? See:
• Phytates for the Prevention of Cancer (
• Phytates for Rehabilitating Cancer Cells (
• Phytates for the Treatment of Cancer (

But what about soy and breast cancer? See
• GMO Soy and Breast Cancer (
• Who Shouldn’t Eat Soy? (
• Is Soy Healthy for Breast Cancer Survivors? (

And if you missed any of my lead background videos, you can catch up:
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-Michael Greger, MD FACLM
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