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There are 2 things that I say that get the biggest reaction you can imagine. People will just not accept what I am telling them.

1. There is almost zero evidence of chronic disease found in nature. Chronic disease is exclusive to humans other than the animals we domesticate. Then they end up with all the same diseases we have.

2. I will not die of a disease. I will most certainly die of murder, assassination, or in an accident. God brought me into the world, He will take me when it’s time. But not of a disease because I drink Alkaline Ionized Water, take chlorella and spirulina, eat only raw fruits and vegetables, take probiotics and prebiotics (fermented foods), take liquid angstrom minerals, exercise vigorously daily, maintain a positive mental attitude. The body is capable of curing itself of any disease, and is most certainly capable of preventing any disease, even if you have a slight genetic propensity toward that.

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