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The REAL cure for candida is NOT the typical candida diet that’s recommended in books and videos you see. I will reveal the truth in this video. Learn how to cure candida. Killing candida is not as easy as just diet! Candida albicans can’t survive if you have a strong immune system. Learn how to cure candida in many ways… not just diet. The real candida cure comes from a long journey of healing on many levels… not just dietary changes! How clean is your air? How happy are you? Both clean air and happiness contribute to a candida cure. Have you taken a lot of drugs? Do you eat organic food? Candida albicans hate healthy food but love pesticides! How much toxicity do you have in your body. Do yo think good thoughts? Do you have spiritual faith? Candida albicans despise faith! Do you have fun? Do a candida enema for fun! The real cure for candida is a multitude of things.
Are you making money and doing great things for the earth? Do you have a pet, a lover, & friends? Are you doing new and fun things all the time? Yes these are a candida cure! There are so many things that make a person healthy. The healthier you get, the stronger your immune system becomes. The stronger your immune system gets, the more the candida will go away. —————————–

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