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Ingredients :-
1)200g Chicken breast
2)1/2 Onion
3)1 Whole bulb of Garlic
4)Thumb size piece of ginger
5)Spring Onions (According to taste)
6)Soya sauce (1 Tbsp)
7)Honey (According to taste)
8)Vinegar (According to taste)
9)Salt (To taste)
10)Pepper (1 Tsp)
11)1/4 Tsp Turmeric (Only for yellow colour)
12)1/2 Capsicum (Optional)
13)Chillies (To taste)

I should really be putting out more Healthy Chinese food recipes. The Indian chinese food we’re used to eating at restaurants is unfortunately not the healthiest kind of Chinese food. Traditional chinese cooking is all about that super healthy, super high protein stir fry life.
In today’s healthy Chinese recipe, I bring you one of my all time favourite healthy chicken recipes – The BeerBiceps special Honey chilli chicken recipe. I’m not gonna lie, this recipe isn’t for those who don’t like a bit of sweet in their savoury food. Honey chilli chicken is one of those adventurous but delicious (and HEALTHY) at the same time kinda recipes. Yes it isn’t your traditional Chinese chilli chicken recipe, but what it is, is some delicious high protein and healthy chinese cooking to make sure, you get to enjoy chinese cooking without feeling too guilty. healthy indian chinese food has never been this delicious. And this is one of the ultimate Indian chinese food recipes. The ultimate chinese chicken recipe – BeerBiceps Honey Chilli Chicken.


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