Weight Loss Lunch Recipes to Lose 10 Kgs in 1 Month | Easy and Healthy Lunch Ideas | Fat to Fab

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Weight Loss Lunch Recipes to Lose 10 Kgs in 1 Month | Easy and Healthy Lunch Ideas | #FattoFab

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Weight Lose Lunch Recipe to Loss 10 Kgs in 1 Month | Easy and Healthy Lunch Ideas | Fat to Fab

First salad is Raw Papaya:-

Chop raw papaya into big slices, and tomatoes.
Dressing:- 4 dates soaked into a warm water, add some lemon juice, add half spoon of apple cider vinegar, half spoon of black pepper, half spoon of salt.

2nd Salad:- Zucchini salad

Chopped half onion, chopped zucchini, chopped one tomato

Cooking process:- Take a pan, add half spoon of mustered oil, let it heat up and than add onions, and chopped zucchini, add half spoon of salt and pepper and let it steam for 5 minutes.

after that assemble it in a bowl and add half tomato and lemon juice.

Eat them in your lunch and lose upto 10kg weight in 1 month.

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hope you like my these recipes, If have any question comment.

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