11 Super Foods To Add To Your Smoothies

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Smoothies are an incredible way to incorporate loads of nutrients into your everyday diet. Super foods are ingredients that classify as nutritional powerhouses, with loads of value from antioxidants to fiber. Here are 11 that we love! SUBSCRIBE to LEAFtv for more! (watch in HD)

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1. Chia Seeds: High in fiber & healthy fats
2. Coconut Oil: Lowers cholesterol & adds creamier texture to smoothies
3. Acai: High in anti-oxidants and low-caloric berry
4. Aloe Vera: Reduces inflammation & great for skin
5. Cacao: Improves brain function & mood enhancer
6. Goji Berries: Improves immune system & has anti-aging benefits
7. Hemp Seeds: High plant-based protein & increases metabolism
8. Bee Pollen: Can assist in allergies, asthma & good source of protein
9. Maca: Increases stamina & libido
10. Spirulina: Helps detox from heavy metals
11. Flaxseed: High in omega-3 fatty acids, great for skin & hair health!

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