2 Surprising Superfoods to Beat the Afternoon Slump

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2 Surprising Superfoods to Beat the Afternoon Slump

2 Surprising Superfoods to Beat the Afternoon Slump

Bone broth protein greens
Even if you eat a healthy diet and work out regularly, there’s no guarantee you’ll have the energy you want.

In fact, some studies report that more than 80 percent of Americans struggle with fatigue and low energy. That’s 4 out of 5 people walking around exhausted and wondering, “Why am I so tired all the time?”

If you’ve had this same thought (or woken up and needed two cups of coffee just to get going), just know that you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault.

Due to soil depletion (from over-farming and other unhealthy farming practices), many of the fruits, vegetables and meats we eat don’t have the same nutritional power they did even 50 years ago. Therefore, it’s tough to get the energy we need from our diets.

And while eating right, sleeping enough and exercising is critical to your overall health, today we must take additional steps to keep our energy levels high and keep performing at our best.

So whenever I start researching healthy ways to increase energy, that’s where I start. And after looking through mountains of reports, studies and historical examples, I found what I believe is the key to more energy and balance in the modern world: consuming more super greens and superfoods.

In combination, superfoods and super greens can deliver profound changes in health, energy and performance.

I know because a few years ago I began consuming more superfoods and super greens daily. And I saw incredible results. Everything — from the way I looked to the way I felt — radically changed.

But it’s not just me. I’ve recommended this exact same protocol to thousands of patients through the years. And they also experienced life-changing results.

Within days of making a few tweaks to their diet, many reported:

More energy and focus
Less brain fog and better balance
And some have even gotten into the best shape of their lives
Adding more high-quality superfoods and super greens changes your life in unimaginable ways, too.

But before I tell you more about how to get more of these powerful superfoods and super greens in your diet, let’s talk about where the problem of energy starts and how to begin correcting it.

Why You Lack Energy

‘Energy’ is a buzzword in our culture.

In fact, entire industries are built based on the “energy-boosting” concept. There are:

Energy drinks
Energy pills
Even energy apps in iTunes!
Why? Because millions of people wake up every single day feeling sluggish in the morning, struggle to stay alert throughout the day or are just plain exhausted. And they desperately want things to change.

The problem is that most of energy options or “energy drinks” (the ones you find at gas stations) are loaded with sugar, caffeine and even toxic chemicals.

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