7 Nutrient Dense Super Foods To Lower Blood Pressure

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7 Nutrient Dense Super Foods To Lower Blood Pressure
Blood pressure, also known as hypertension or arterial hypertension, is a chronic health disorder. The blood which flows through the arteries exerts a certain amount of pressure on the arterial walls. If this pressure exerted on the arterial walls by the blood rises rapidly and remains high over a period of time, it can lead to a medical condition called high blood pressure. An individual is said have high blood pressure if his / her systolic blood pressure reading is 140 or above and the diastolic blood pressure reading is 90 or above. Simple changes in lifestyle which includes eating food that are rich in specific types of nutrients can help individuals successfully manage high blood pressure.
* Beneficial Super Foods Which Help To Control High Blood Pressure
– Bananas
– Garlic
– Salmon
– Celery
– Watermelon
– Unsalted Almonds


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