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The Best Superfood Supplements and Their Nutritional Value

Top 5 Best Superfood Supplements for Better Health

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We have always known that the key to maintaining a healthy body and weight is clean eating and exercise. Most of us have grown up hearing ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ and other ‘groundbreaking’ pearls of wisdom from those around us.
Eating healthily can curb cravings, keep us full for longer, and keep our energy levels up. But in recent years, this focus on all things healthy has been ramped up a notch. These days simply eating fruits and vegetables isn’t enough.
Now, we’ve moved on to superfoods. We’ve all heard of them. Even if we can’t always pronounce them. Packed with nutrients, these superior foods promise a myriad of health benefits, and who doesn’t want that?
Not only do we all want to reach our physical peak health-wise. But a large number of us wouldn’t say no to a food the promise of help losing a few pounds either.
However, finding real superfoods can be a wild goose chase. And many of us don’t have the time to search high and low for an obscure root in its original form. That’s where supplements come in. The following superfood supplements promise it all. Health, weight loss, and convenience.
Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder, Creamy Chocolate Fudge
This protein powder made up of brown rice, hemp, chia seeds, and peas comes in chocolate fudge flavour. That’s right. Chocolate!
If you haven’t already disappeared off to go and find this mystical substance. Then let’s take a look at why this made the top 5.
Weighing in with 21g protein and 5g fibre this powder will help you go hard at the gym and speed up your metabolism for an extra boost. It contains antioxidants to neutralise those unwanted free radicals. And even serves to suppress your appetite.
Vega one all-in-one nutritional shake French vanilla
This next vanilla flavoured product serves up an impressive 20g plant-based protein. And one serving even provides you with half of your daily vitamin requirements.
The unique formula helps put an end to sugar cravings. Keeps you feeling fuller for longer. And contains those all-important antioxidants.
Those with allergies or intolerances will be pleased to know that all of this nutrition comes free from dairy and soy. Oh, and did I mention? It tastes like French vanilla!
Amazing Grass Green Superfood Original
This gluten free blend combines superfoods like wheatgrass with fresh fruits and vegetables for a nutrient packed supplement that’s perfect for adding to your favourite juice, smoothie, or just enjoying in a glass of water.
Your immunity, digestion and energy will be on top form after incorporating this product into your diet.
Non-GMO Spirulina Powder
This next product claims to be the best superfood for weight loss. Two servings a day can give you the same heath benefits as 7 portions of fruit and veg. In fact, there is no animal, vegetable or mineral that contains the same volume of nutrients as Spirulina when compared on a gram per gram basis.
Nutrex Hawaii Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica Powder
This Spirulina product allows you to benefit from all of your 5 a day, 9 a day or however many a day we’re currently being told to consume. Without having to actually consume them all. It’s enough to kick your metabolism into high gear and offers an explosion of antioxidants with every serving.

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