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MOST WEIRD BUT TRUE SUPERFOODS-2016 | Black Pudding hailed most fashionably weird SUPERFOOD of 2016 in Britain

Black pudding or Blood sausage
A staple Scottish fry-up
Hailed as superfood of 2016 by
It’s packed with protein & essentially carb-free
A treasure chest of Gelatin, Iron & Zinc
But if you can choke down
Horrible Looking & equally awful smelling food
Here’s most extreme weird but super healthy foods
Fermented Soyabeans from Japan
With tons of Protein, Probiotics, Vitamins, and Minerals
But it’s as stinky as rotten cheese
Japan’s best-kept health secret for youthful longevity,
Healthier heart, stronger bones & sharper mind
Spicy Korean staple hailed as healthiest foods in the world.
Being fermented cabbage, it’s brimming with healthy lactobacilli
Also packed with vitamin A, B, Iron, Calcium, & Selenium
Supports muscle growth, improve immune system & blood flow
And great aid for constipation
Smells like sweaty feet &
when you eat this, you smell like sweaty feet.
100% vegetarian
Sticky, gloopy, salty spread, made from yeast extract
Labelled as latest “superfood” by scientists
Good source of vitamin B12, riboflavin, niacin & folic acid
And is nearly fat- and sugar-free.
Oil from the liver of Cod fish
Pure source of omega-3 fatty acids & loaded with Vitamins A & D
Protects against heart disease, boosts immune system
& helps alleviate arthritis, ulcers, diabetes & depression
In liquid form or pills, it tastes just as bad as it smells
Gluten free, chock full of vitamin A, K, E & B complex
And minerals like magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus.
Helps developing body tissue, bones, sex hormones
And reduce migraine & asthma attacks.
But, don’t be embarrassed because it’s a bird feed.
It’s totally safe for humans
Mother Nature has lovingly blessed us
With these odd-looking & foul-smelling superfoods.
Try them….
Simply because, they will do your body real good!




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