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The lifeblood of Mongol Nomads is the livestock breeding. They eat animal intestines containing rich minerals in order to survive the harsh climate. Thanks to the Gantulga and Altnaa’s family!


Dear Adventurers, Travelers, Wanderers!
Come away to Mongolia and be part of our wanderlust filled travelogue STEPPEN’ OUT! A brand new adventure show that invites all and any to join us and our friends on the open steppe of Mongolia. Do you dare? Live like nomads, eat like Mongols, bring out your inner Indiana Jones, and step on out! Any questions? Get further info here:

Official Partners:
MODERN NOMADS Darkhan Branch Restaurant


SWAGAT Indian Restaurant

Created & Produced: Javkha Ara
Presenter: Naranbaatar.Ts (Nargie)
Translation Team: Naranbaatar.Ts, Brian Offenther, Naranchuluun.P
Filmed & Edited: Javkha Ara, Bob Makevitz
Camera: Purevdorj.P, Ganaa Ara
Sound: Baysaa Ara, Altangerel.N, Gansukh.T
Computer Graphic: Dulguunmurun.Ch, Tuvshee Ara
Music by: Nicolai Heidlas ‘Good Times’, Mongol Ongod, Nazar Rybak-HookSounds

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